In just two and a half months, Rubner Haus has built a single-family residence in Val Pusteria

Rubner Haus has built a single-family residence of  365 m2 in Val Pusteria on a schedule of just two and a half months.

The project by the architect Alexander Huber embodies all the principles of bioconstruction while implementing the new Studio concept of Rubner Haus, based on total personalization of the design.


The house is a symbol of perfect harmony between modernity and tradition: its linear style adapts to the elegant context, while adding a particular contemporary architectural spirit.


“The ample spaces and simple style – says the architect Alexander Huber – along with the staircase in treated raw metal, selected by the client, and the double-pitched roof featuring strips of sheet metal, each one different from the next, determine the special character of this dwelling.”


Built with natural materials like cork and red spruce, the house with an energy rating of Casa Clima A+ offers wellbeing for its inhabitants, while providing remarkable savings, avoiding any pollution, for a home that will conserve its value over time.

Furthermore, the internal microclimate is optimized by air turnover, thanks to a special instrument: an enthalpy exchanger.