The second edition of Flydeas for the City has begun, the new design contest organized by AgustaWestland in collaboration with Interni.

Five studios have been invited to prepare innovative concepts for the interiors of the revolutionary AW609 convertiplane, the aircraft that combines the properties of a helicopter (vertical takeoff and landing) with the speed, altitude and capacity to operate in all weather conditions of an airplane.

The works by Jozeph Forakis/USA, Setsu and Shinobu Ito/Japan, Ricardo Bello Dias/Brazil, Delineo – Giampaolo Allocco/Italy, Matteo De Pretis/Italy with Marc Poulain/France will be coordinated by the Interior Center of AgustaWestland and an exceptional tutor: Stefano Giovannoni.

The jury to select the winner will meet in mid-September, and all the projects will be shown in October. The certification of the AW609 is slated for 2017.