American Hardwood Export Council announces that Contour House, built using American white oak, has won the Wood Award this year in the category Private Buildings.

The Wood Award is the most important competition in the UK on the use of sustainable materials in the field of architecture and design.


The London-based firm Sanei Hopkins Architects was commissioned to design an open, luminous replacement house using traditional materials of the highest quality, for minimum CO2 emissions and low energy consumption.


After removal of the existing building, the contemporary house has been built to elegantly reflect the natural contours of the landscape.

The stone facing offers external protection from the rain, while on the inside the superstructure is made with hardwood. The load-bearing structures, laminated beams, the ceiling of the swimming pool zone and the facings of the sauna are all in American white oak; the trusses have been made with a combination of American white oak and red/white European wood.