Even more flexible, even more hybrid, with even more contaminationsCopernico Martesana is located at an emerging innovation district in Milan.

6500 square meters, added to the portfolio of 12 companies of the platform, for a new dynamic and functional hub that puts the accent on people and their professional and personal life.

A new lifestyle of work that is reflected in the architecture and design done entirely by Studio DC10, referencing the genius loci of this zone in Milan – previously an industrial area – to give rise to a social hub that also contains two unusual spaces: the Oxygen Room, a space featuring greenery to banish stress, breathe deeply and work without mobile phones or computers, and the Loft Office, an office like a home, a space of personalized design in an intimate but shared dimension.

Copernico Martesana is composed of three independent and interconnected buildings containing furnished office spaces, co-working facilities, meeting rooms, event spaces, lounges and a library, as well as a cafe in the Copernico style. The concept is the result of the work of a design group coordinated by Bunker and composed of Bunker, Torricelli AssociatiWeltgebraus.

A format in which the spatial dimension blends with that of experience, with an eye on the three key concepts of the Copernico ecosystem: contamination, connection, knowledge.