“Our strength is to communicate the fashions of the moment,” say the founders. Cover Store, just three years after its debut, demonstrates that brilliance comes from simple things and that entrepreneurship has little to do with strategies built around a table, but responds to foresight and insight.

In late 2012 the founders of what is now a small socio-entrepreneurial phenomenon detected a supply gap in the field of mobile phones and tablets, objects that are now an integral part of everyday life. They offered the market an imaginative product, capable of “dressing up” technology with a glamorous twist.

The strong point an vast range of covers, over 300 items ranging from textile textures to cartoons, sentimental and poetic phrases to cool monochromes, with a natural inclination to harness the power of social networks.

In photographed settings of great emotional impact, with the spirit of interaction of young people on the web, including spontaneous guerrilla marketing contacts with celebrities, athletes, personalities.

Today the direct Cover Stores are 33 in number, alongside 30 franchised affiliates.