The studio Schiattarella Associati has created another project based on research and innovation: the Cube House in the Olympic Village of Rome.


This is an experimental house inserted in the context of the area in Rome built for the Olympics of 1960 by the architects Moretti, Libera, Cafiero, Monaco and Luccichenti, and now going through a phase of renewal, also thanks to works by Zaha Hadid and Renzo Piano.


Inside a square measuring 7 meters per side, the Rome-based studio has created a dwelling composed of a single open space with a central cube that divides and organizes the various functional areas in a seamless way: living area, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom.


Sliding panels emerge from the central volume to permit subdivision of the open space when required. The cube contains a large closet, while its exterior has been designed to integrate the functions of the various zones: a column with a refrigerator and an oven on the kitchen side, a toilet and bidet on the side of the bathroom, and storage units on the side facing the living area.