Today, on 1 February, IKEA is launching the new Kungsbacka doors, the first kitchen cabinet fronts of the company’s product range to be made in recycled plastic and wood.

In collaboration with the Italian supplier 3B, IKEA has developed a new material: a plastic laminate made from PET bottles.


“The activities of IKEA have enormous environmental impact, because we work on large quantities. The use of recyclable materials makes our production more ecosustainable,” says Anna Granath, product developer of IKEA.


“We have found a way to transform plastic bottles into a laminate applied to the fronts of the Kungsbacka kitchen. The biggest challenge was to create a recycled laminate with the same standards of quality as laminates made from virgin materials,” says Marco Bergamo, in charge of development at 3B.


A black Kungsbacka front panel of 40×80 cm requires 25 half-liter plastic bottles.


“We have to learn to use the resources of the planet in a more intelligent way. Our goal is to increase the percentage of recycled materials in our products. We are studying new ways of reutilizing paper, fibers, foams and plastics,” Anna Granath explains.