A totally outfitted mini-apartment with refined touches. A transformation of 23 square meters inside a building from the 1920s on Via Vallazze in Milan.


The brand new flat, based on in-depth study of space and materials, has been created by Milano Abita, the company of the architect Martina Margaria, specializing in recovery and refurbishing of small spaces through optimization of volumes and the added value of details, to generate turnkey interiors. The studio apartment focuses on the theme of nature, reflected in the materials and the furnishings.


Light is a protagonist thanks to the choice of pale colors and games of reflection. The loft level has been reduced from 85% of the overall area to 30%, and the botanical theme is seen in the use of fine damask and embroidered fabrics.


The quality of the details has been ensured by working with two excellent companies: the Spanish group Porcelanosa for floors, faucets, bath fixtures and tiles, and L’Arcolaio for all the fabrics in the apartment.