The new D’O restaurant of Davide Oldani, adjacent to the old restaurant in Cornaredo (MI), has been opened to the public. It is larger, but with the same number of seats (48), and a completely renovated designed by Piero Lissoni.

Everything has been created to offer an experience that breaks down barriers between the kitchen and dining room, the chef and the guests.

The tables and chairs have been designed by Davide Oldani himself, giving concrete form to ideas developed over time, thanks to the know-how of Riva 1920.

The choice of materials was fundamental: solid oak from controlled reforestation zones, vinyl adhesives and vegetable oil and wax finishes, for 100% natural results.

Reliability, comfort and durability were the basic requirements behind the design.

The furnishings, though elegant, had to be essential, linear and functional. Comfort stimulates calm and relaxation, but also facilitates proper digestion, thanks to the ergonomic shape of the furniture based on everyday observation of guests, which begins when you sit down at the table, not when you get up.

The tables, set without cloths, have lower tops for napkins; the chairs feature storage compartments for handbags under the seat, as well as space to hide mobile phones and keys.