The secret of true wellbeing is proper nutrition. Fruits and vegetables play an important role as real health allies, especially when they are kept fresh.

According to research conducted by WhirlpoolIndesit on a European level, Italians are good consumers of fruit and vegetables, making purchases on an average of every two days. But how to conserve produce, effectively maintaining its nutritional properties?

Hotpoint responds with Day1, a refrigerator that guarantees first-day freshness for 13 days. Thanks to special technology, this new range of refrigerators slows the pace of time in its compartments, allowing you to store food longer and preserving its organoleptic properties intact

With technologies like Active Oxygen 2.0 (which releases oxygen molecules activated to prolong the life of food); Total No Frost HD (which maintains constant temperature control, thanks to a homogeneous circulation of cold air).

But Day1 also means freshness in a drawer: the 3 in 1 Zone is a drawer with three different functions to prolong the life of the foods: Super Cool+ (lowers the temperature of hot foods from +70°C to +3°C in 30% less time); Safe Defrost <4°C (a thawing zone at controlled temperature, never above 4˚C); Super Freeze+ (to freeze foods, even just cooked, from +70°C to -18°C in half the time).

The Ultra Fresh Vegetable Crisper is an innovative super-insulation system that preserves healthful properties, colors and flavors of fruit and vegetables, while maintaining the highest levels of moisture (up to 80%).