The legendary Italy-Denmark connection that has always been part of the De Padova legacy has now been confirmed thanks to the 75% acquisition of MA/U Studio.


The Danish company founded by the designer Mikal Harrsen in Copenhagen in 2012 designs innovative furnishing systems. Mikal Harrsen will assume the role of Executive Brand Director, coordinating all activities and creative development.


Principles of simplicity, optimization of materials, advanced functional quality, essential forms and timeless design are the factors shared by De Padova and MA/U Studio.


Based on its traditional focus on Scandinavian design, the De Padova catalogue now expands to include the production of new furnishing systems and pieces, covering both home and office, based on modular design, innovation and graphic lightness, all designed by Mikal Harrsen and his team.

R.I.G. (Rudimentary Interior Geometry), T.T.A. (Tribute To Albers), N.E.T. (Never Ending Table) are the system of tables, bookcases and benches developed by MA/U Studio through research and experimentation with pure, light forms.


De Padova will provide the structure of operations and distribution, organizing management and promoting growth of the brand, in collaboration with Boffi.