The Dektonhenge project by Apparatu combines the spectacular crystalline brightness of Dekton® XGloss with the satin finish of crafted pieces made with Dekton® as the raw material. The Cosentino Group, specializing in the production and distribution of innovative surfaces for the world of architecture and design, during Milan Design Week 2016 presented the spectacular project Dektonhenge, created by Apparatu.

An experimental project by Xavier Mañosa, founder of the design studio Apparatu, illustrating a return to the roots of the Dekton® ultra-compact surfaces. Together with the Cosentino R+D division, Mañosa has subjected the ultra-compact surface to a ductile, malleable process.

Working with this primary material, the design explains the transformation of Dekton from liquid to solid state, approaching it like ceramics. The designer’s goal was to discover new ways of working with Dekton®, bringing out its versatility and its many different uses.

Xavier selected a natural stone and digitized its surface to create pieces with different forms and sizes, each of them ready for the work of a craftsman.

The result of this experimental exercise is Dektonhenge by Apparatu: a set of pieces of different sizes and forms. The pieces crafted by the founder of Apparatu are combined with those created with the industrial process of Dekton to make a single, sophisticated design object.

Large, round, light tables; tops that combine sophisticated design with the rustic charm of basic materials. The absence of symmetry of the tops reflects the creativity of the designer from Barcelona.