It will be operational in December 2016, after the inauguration on 1 June last year. Starting on 2 August (until 27 November) it will be possible to visit the facility with the Gottardino train, complete with a stop at the center of the tunnel and walking tour at the foot of the structure.

The 57 km of the Gotthard Tunnel in Switzerland constitute the longest railway tunnel in the world, entirely protected by honeycomb membranes, featuring high-performance Delta – At 800/1200 drainage systems.

One of the most important requirements to ensure the longevity and operational reliability of a tunnel is the prevention of harmful seepage of ground water, which must be kept away from internal enclosure and the traffic circulation space.

Developed to comply with these parameters, Delta-AT 800/1200 is a drainage membrane with great compressive strength, able to handle large volumes of water, with draining power that is ideal for high-exposure applications like the Gotthard Tunnel.