The purity of white, the force of dark tones, the brightness of color: these three main concepts are addressed by the proposals for 2015 of Desalto during Milan Design Week. Evocative hues, objects with light, decorative features, harmonious forms: a new living concept by Desalto for a refined, elegant, international, cosmopolitan home.

The forceful character and the sensation of lightness, the mixture of minimalism and experimentation find natural expression in this new collection, where the purity of architectural forms and attention to detail combine with particular techniques to underline the close bond between craftsmanship and technology that has always been a feature of the brand.

The multiple creative flows that have give rise to Desalto’s production over the years, now channeled by Piero Lissoni in his role as art director, now continue in two projects by the young designers Marc Krusin and Marco Acerbis.

Krusin has designed Clay, a table-sculpture based on the encounter between two volumes: top and base, in balance, with a daringly small surface of contact. Summing up beauty and harmony of proportions, Clay is an object that brings a forceful personality to any space, though never aggressively, thanks to its understated elegance.

Marco Acerbis consolidates his collaboration with Desalto by creating Skin: a fixed or extensible table with a clear yet light graphic sign, taking advantage of the company’s know-how in the working of aluminium and the production of mechanisms, in a perfect blend of form, function and innovation. The table tops come in different sizes, with a thickness of just 6mm, bringing a sense of lightness while offering stability and strength. The extruded aluminium legs can be painted or anodized in different colors to create a wide range of tonal combinations with the top.