The key word behind the sunscreen system developed by Resstende, to respond to specific technical and aesthetic needs, is customization. A system capable of bringing out the best in different environments: from traditional to modern decor.

Veranda Hi Tech is an awning with a sturdy design using aluminium tracks or stainless steel cables, to cover patios and large outdoor glazings, to protect windows and to limit the greenhouse effect.

To get the most from the Veranda system, Resstende has deployed the power of the Traction Kit, which responds to the most demanding standards of technique and performance. Launched on the market in 2014, the Traction Kit system stands out for its exclusive forced traction devices created for outdoor systems to achieve effective tension of awnings in all applications.

Able to stand up to the force of the wind, with the controlled energy of gas pistons lodged in the round backdrop, the Traction Kit system guarantees greater stability for awnings installed in outdoor zones.