What is conducive to a good night’s sleep?

This is the question that has led to the creations of Fabio Novembre for PerDormire.

The answer came in a natural way: a good story.

So Novembre has taken a dreamy approach to stories in the design of six beds for the first collection of the project Design Democratico italiano of the Tuscan brand, which belongs to Materassificio Montalese, a reference point in the production of mattresses and bed systems.

The Castello, Principessa, Regina, Abito, Luna and Nuvola beds tell little stories, simple references to enchanted worlds. Each model can be chosen in a more or less explicit version, depending on the type of client.

With the collection Una Fiaba PerDormire created by Fabio Novembre, PerDormire officially launches Design Democratico Italiano, a project 100% Made in Italy that sets out to make products that provide functional quality and high-end design at affordable prices.