In Apulia, at the foot of the castle of Frederick II, listed as world heritage by UNESCO, stands an innovative private residence, recently renovated to create a perfect balance with the surrounding environment and social fabric.

The project for Villa PNK has been assigned to the studio m12AD, helmed by the architect Michelangelo Olivieri, who has transformed an old country house into a sophisticated villa, giving it a new look and, above all, making it ecosustainable and energy efficient.


The studio has developed a completely innovative project, reconstructing and redesigning all the indoor and outdoor spaces, while conserving the convivial spirit of the place. The various rooms converge on a large central zone lit by a large skylight.


Villa PNK is an exercise in style, an ecosustainable dwelling for low environmental impact. Applying innovative construction methods and materials, m12AD has created a refined, minimal setting immersed in the countryside, with low thermal mass, ready to absorb temperature shifts and control humidity levels without the use of costly quantities of energy.


The ventilated facade is clad in Parklex®, a layered natural wood panel that is fireproof, durable, suited to the environmental context, while offering maximum permeability to prevent condensation. The material provides high performance in terms of thermal insulation.


The house also has a rainwater recovery system, solar collectors for the production of hot water, and photovoltaic panels. The floor-based heating is used only during the coldest months. All the lights are LEDs, with an innovative system that also functions for emergency lighting.