The Neue Post hotel of Holzgau, Austria, is an exclusive facility for a refined clientele. Thanks to its roof, its windows, the typical volumes of a mountain resort, a rustic but classy image, from the outside the hotel has the look of a traditional Tyrolean lodge. Inside, contemporary design adds a touch of originality.


Thanks to a renovation project, the hotel now has a new wellness area, based on innovative and original choices of materials.


With an area of 200 m2, the spa is a fluid sequence of spaces for a complex experience of relaxation and wellbeing. The continuity of the design takes concrete form in the choice of a material that provides large surfaces without joints: Microtopping, the polymer-cement facing offered by Ideal Work.

Microtopping has been applied to the floors, the showers and the steam baths, with a protective waterproof coating. The possibility of applying the material vertically or horizontally has made it possible to use it to finish the seats in the steam baths.