The Bologna-based studio Rizoma Architetture has developed the kitchen of the Alce Nero Berberè concept based on the collaboration between the Berberè project, the young company of the Aloe brothers that has revolutionized the concept of pizza, and Alce Nero, a brand of over 1000 organic farmers and beekeepers that produce good, healthy, nutritious foods.

Wood and plasterboard, dry-mounting technologies, easily transported light structures that can be reused; these are the main characteristics of the project Rizoma Architetture has built in record time: just 20 days of work to create a space that hosts the pizzas of Matteo Aloe, the kitchen of the chef Simone Salvini and a complete staff of 30 persons.

The original project developed exclusively for Expo Milano 2015 relies on sophisticated techniques of parametric design: even very complex geometries can be built through the distribution of a single model in space. The result is a circular and semi-transparent structure of the wooden kitchen of Alce Nero Berberè.

The requirement was to have a visible kitchen, so the project focuses on a design with a transparency effect. The angle of greatest visibility is occupied by the pizza chefs and the place where the dough is made, a key factor in the Berberè philosophy.