Colonna Vino, Cocktail and Sigari, the three original pieces created to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Toncelli, offer opportunities for pure pleasure in the home.


The Colonna Vino provides wine storage and tasting equipment. The doors feature an inlaid vineyard design, while the inner compartments contain different types of glasses.


The Colonna Cocktail, decorated on the outside by an imaginary view of Manhattan, opens to reveal shelves covered in cowhide that contain 18 personalized glasses, while the shelves, bases and compartments store specific utensils, ice buckets, a complete mixing kit, a wine cellar and a coffeemaker.


The Colonna Sigari immediately displays its function: the inlaid doors feature a composition of traditional Tuscan cigars, joined by the items that traditionally accompany the ritual of smoking. The upper part contains two humidors, while extractable wenge trays present glasses, a smoker’s kit, chocolate and playing cards, poker chips and dice.