Developed to bring out the flavor of foods, conserving their nutritional virtues, GoHealthy! by Hotpoint is a new line of four appliances that combine design, performance and technology.

Easy Chef Sous Vide is a kit with which to cook foods at low temperatures in vacuum packaging, while Light Grill offers a double resistance vertical grill that gathers fats in a special tray (ready for the dishwasher, like the grill itself), for lighter results and reduction of smoke and odors.

Slow Juice is a cold juicer available in the versions Slow Juicer Easy (compact, essential), Slow Juicer Classic (for harder fruits and vegetables), Slow Juicer Classic XPRO (with an extralarge opening for whole fruits) and Slow Juicer Pro (to make juice without peeling or cutting, and to create fruit sherbets).

Finally, the Creative Blender with Spiralizer makes it possible to blend, chop and mince to create creams and soups. The Spiralizer transforms fruit and vegetables into amusing, colorful forms.