VetroIn, the company founded in 2006 by Silvio Danesi and Maurizio Sacchi, has emerged in the past ten years on the market for accessorized office partitions.

Today the company boasts the largest number of types of accessorized wall systems for the office among producers in this sector: from classic Solid Wall to the sober single-glass Truelight, from the freestanding Evolvinwall divider to the innovative Hide built-in partition, all coordinated with the Storage Wall system.

Traditionally, partitions have been made in aluminium, steel, wood and glass; VetroIn has maximized the use of the latter, overcoming its physical and aesthetic limitations.

The company has an in-house glassworks, which has proven to be a great advantage with respect to the competition, because it allows for complete product control. Starting with large panes of glass, all the phases of workmanship are implemented and monitored, leading to the final product.

Operations such as cutting, drilling, tempering, decorating and layering occur within the production chain, in constant contact with the technical department. The extruded aluminium profiles designed specifically for each collection are cut, milled and assembled in-house.

The innovations of VetroIn make it possible to go beyond the usual way of using glass, making it functional element of interaction with the environment: interactive glass, glass+monitor, glass+laser, glass+LCD, glass+fabric, glass+wood, glass+decorations.

For the tenth anniversary, the company presents Inwall. Revolutionary and innovative, this is a wall made of structural glass, with sealed profiles in extruded aluminium, 85 mm thick (the floor profiles have a height of about 40 mm, those of the ceiling 55mm), combining design, technology and safety in a single product.

In aesthetic terms the external flush mounting, without profiles that contain the glass overlapping it, makes it possible to keep the glass surface completely in view, lightening the image and enhancing the finish of walls and doors. There are no protruding parts on the wall surface, but a perfect transition between different materials, including glass and aluminium.

Inwall comes in 4 versions: central mono-glass, lateral mono-glass, double glazing, acoustic. The collection is completed with single or double glass doors, hinged and sliding.

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