Dune is the new episode of the research entitled “micro 3d” conducted by Lorenzo Palmeri for Stone Italiana and begun last year with the Juta project.

An investigation into the volumetric potential of the sheets, which are flat by definition but are now enhanced by three-dimensional textures.

Dune takes its name from the typical formations of sandy deserts, with which it shares a typical soft, sculptural shape. Dunes behave in a way very similar to water, like slow waves, in constant motion.

Dune, depending on the vantage point and the direction of origin of the light, changes like a natural landscape. The projects of the “micro 3d” series are perfect for installation on wall or floor.

The thin three-dimensional nature of Dune offers a very pleasant tactile experience when walking barefoot, typical of natural materials but hard to describe. Like all new things, you have to experience it yourself.

Photo by Max Rommel.