Wooden construction and furnishings are more popular than ever in Italy today. This is confirmed by data that demonstrate how Italy is catching up in terms of market share in relation to countries such as Germany that have always been leaders in this sector. Today Italy, with 8.4%, is the fourth largest European player in the wood construction sector, with an increase of 7.7% over the last four years.

Strong yet flexible, excellent as thermal insulation, durable even with limited maintenance, ideal for healthy environments: there are many advantages that are orienting architects and designers towards the use of this material. One myth to dispel, in this sense, is the one that says that using wood is bad for the environment.

No two pieces of wood are ever exactly the same, making every product unique. It is a material that never goes out of style, helps to increase the value of the house, and is very versatile to adapt to classic or modern tastes. Wood is also perfect for all kinds of customization, regarding both colors and finishes.

Finally, it is a material that consumes little power to produce, is anti-seismic, fire-resistant, healthy, economical and durable.

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Modern hallway with open door. 3d render.