High-efficiency trapezoidal volumes for the new Rectorate of Tor Vergata

High-efficiency trapezoidal volumes for the new Rectorate of Tor Vergata

The university updates its institutional image with a new complex featuring an innovative design of the facades, developed for the sunny Mediterranean climate and made with Schüco systems technologically inserted in the smart building.

On a large pedestrian plaza set over an underground level, the project for the new Rectorate encourages inclusion and social contact, featuring perpendicular trapezoidal volumes. With inclined walls, large openings and alternating sunscreens, in line with the principles of bioarchitecture, the buildings create a new central focus in the area, bordering two sides of the plaza.

The continuous facades of the above-ground levels of the office buildings are made with a post and beam structure that contains glass infill on the ground floor, with hidden attachments and seams sealed with structural silicon, permitting concealment from the outside of the Schüco FWS 50+ SG frames (Structural Glazing).

The continuous facades on the stairwells of buildings A, B, C and D, on the other hand, have been made with the Schüco FWS 50+ system of posts and crossbars, composed of prepainted thermal-break extruded aluminium sections (primary alloy EN AW 6060).

Throughout the project the glazings are in single chamber glass, with low-emission extraclear outer panes, an interspace with argon gas and tempered layered glass with HST testing (internal).