Elica enters the Internet of Things and launches Snap, the first Air Quality Balancer. Thanks to the presence of three sensors and a sophisticated algorithm, Snap is an innovative exhaust system that monitors and automatically improves air quality, reducing pollutants, odors and fumes in closed spaces in just 30 minutes (as certified by Ecam Ricert).

“For us, Snap is not a point of arrival, but a starting point,” says Francesco Casoli, president of Elica. “New technologies and digitalization are part of our life, of our homes. So with this project we want to open up to the era of the Internet of Things, bringing our know-how in the treatment of air to benefit the whole house.”

The project is enhanced by the participation of authoritative partners with great expertise in the Internet of Things: Vodafone and IBM.

Vodafone, besides having contributed to the creation of the dedicated app (available at the stores of Apple and Google), provides M2M connectivity through which users can be constantly informed about air quality and can activate functions, even from a distance. IBM is the proprietor of the cloud where the collected data are stored.

The versatility of this new Elica entry can be seen in its five function modes for activation with an app, from a distance or with a handset, to set Snap to meet specific personal needs: Automatic, Manual, Detox, Dry, Link.

For the launch, Elica has opened an online store for Snap, also providing a list of authorized technicians for its installation.

“Today it is necessary to be very concrete, and we believe this product moves in that direction. For me, three words count: love with respect to the market and our clients; friendship because we like to work with partners, in this case Vodafone and IBM; and, finally, passion: when we make things we put heart and soul, lots of effort and commitment into them, and the results always reflect this,” Casoli concludes.