Mapei is a partner of the pediatric surgery project that is part of the development of a health care network in Africa, contributing to the construction of the new Center of Excellence in Pediatric Surgery of Emergency in Uganda. Work began on 10 February with the laying of the first stone.


After over 3 years of research conducted in the R&D lab in Milan, Mapei can provide Emergency, the designers of the studio RPBW Renzo Piano Building Workshop and the contractors an innovative system, using the rammed earth technique. This construction method, widespread around the world, has a very ancient tradition. The development of a new generation of binders formulated by Mapei for the occasion brings greater versatility and durability to this traditional construction method.


The project fits into the strategy of Mapei of supporting projects of solidarity and social responsibility, offering its technologies and the services of its technicians to create and implement innovative products, in the laboratory and at the worksite.