The new Enel Open Meter was presented at the Milan Triennale, a second-generation smart meter that is one of the leading factors in the Open Power strategy of Enel, a process of updating towards a concept of open, affordable, technologically advanced and sustainable energy.

“For a designer, creating an electricity meter is rather special,” Michele De Lucchi says, “because it is an object that has represented the company for years and constitutes its interface with customers. Besides the technical functioning, this object must have great symbolic force. Designing objects that have to live for a long time is a big challenge. This is why I have worked with a team of young designers, with their new sensitivity to understanding the needs of the community.”

The innovative features of the new smart meter include quicker change of supply, elimination of preset rate scheduling, availability of data on the energy consumption for greater savings. The disclosure of customer data every 15 minutes, for example, lets you have a constantly updated overview of daily energy use and customer behavior, suggesting ways to improve energy efficiency.

The Milan Triennale presents the exhibition of Enel “Seeing the invisible. Forms of energy,” a space to narrate the path that has led the company to change the logo and to create the new Enel Open Meter.