Essenza, a brand of the GSG International group, winner of the Compasso d’Oro ADI 2014, presents the new hinged window made with Zero Frame technology on which to mount the new handle created by the designer Marc Sadler.

A new technology that thanks to the reduction of the screen printing on the outer surface and the complete transparency of the inner surface permits a significant increase in the passage of light (up to 20% more with respect to normal windows of the same size) for greater transparency and an even more essential, minimalist design.

Essenza Zero Frame technology calls for a panel of just 60 mm in thickness, while the section of the wall-mounted frame is reduced to 52 mm, increasingly minimal characteristics that make the window ideal for renovations, because it can be installed with masonry work.

The innovative solution is enhanced by the handle designed by Marc Sadler. With its minimal look, its particular feature is the mechanism, entirely contained inside the handle, making it possible to lighten up the profile of the window, and reducing it to an extreme with respect to traditional units.

This system thus guarantees a cleaner graphic sign, in formal continuity with the window, generating essential, pure form.