Excelsior Hotel Gallia is an icon, a reference point in the life of the city of Milan. It has recently been completely restored, also with the addition of a new modern wing, returning to its original splendor.

Designed by the Milan-based architecture studio of Marco Piva, the project of architectural restructuring and interior design reconciles contemporary taste with the original Belle Époque style of the hotel. The interiors evoke the Milanese lifestyle and elegance of the Art Deco period, enlivened by unique furnishings made by the finest Italian designers and artisans.

The aim was to create a place connected to the history of excellence of the city of Milan, a special place that would integrate and enhance the values of the architecture, design, lifestyle and fashion. The project gives the city, and travelers from all over the world, an example of style and elegance, a welcoming facility of refined hospitality.

In this context, Vimar has contributed to the project by supplying products. Set into the walls, the refined silhouette of the Idea series contains the devices of an electrical system equipped with all the functions required by guests. The selected plates have the rigorous forms of the Classica model, in two variants: silver-color metal and brushed nickel-color metal. The first has white buttons, while the second has controls in anthracite gray, for an intentional color contrast.

Besides good looks, Idea also guarantees maximum comfort. Every suite offers a wide range of sockets (from specific ones for electric razors in the bathrooms to telephone connections) to respond to all needs, guaranteeing complete safety.