The Massarotto architecture studio with Vimar for the new headquarters of the historic Galvan pharmacy in Vicenza

The challenge was to create a building in the architectural avant-garde, equipped with the most innovative technologies in terms of energy savings and safety/security, as well as facilitation of space management. These were the guidelines applied by the architecture firm Massarotto to create the new facility of the historic Galvan pharmacy in Vicenza, founded in 1962.

To achieve this, in response to the specific needs of the client, particularly in terms of layout, functional quality and optimization of energy consumption, the studio turned to technology by Vimar.

The By-me automation system has been installed, for complete control of all the spaces of the building.

This technology combines all operations at a single point – the Multimedia Video touchscreen – for opening and closing of all light sources and on-off monitoring in the multifunctional rooms.

The coordination with Elvox video intercom, CCTV and gate automation systems provides maximum security. An intelligent building, ready for remote intervention thanks to the By-web app.