FerreroLegno is now celebrating its 65th anniversary, and has decided to renew its ecological commitment with a new green attitude in which Nature and Material are the main drivers in the creation of new lines of products and finishes.

A focus on sustainability that does not cover only the choice of virtuous materials and production processes, but evolves in pursuit of finishes that evoke wood in its most essential, rugged state. This new philosophy leads to products that deploy the purity of natural colors and a return to tones in which wood is the protagonist, offering solutions that express their closeness to nature in terms of touch and image.

The new vision also implies constant attention to quality and research for technological, aesthetic and functional innovation. Indispensable factors of continuity that are reflected in every corporate choice, making the firm a true ambassador of Made in Italy.

Expertise, extreme product quality, painstaking attention to detail, fine craftsmanship and ongoing technological research go into a company that offers models with innovative design, based on in-depth research on forms and the quality of finishes, to respond to the needs of the market and of designers in Italy and around the world.


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Production phases at the FerreroLegno plant
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Medaglia, a symbol of the passion and constant pursuit of quality, applied to all the FerreroLegno doors.
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Tratto, the new panel from the Replica line, enhanced by solid wood inserts, seen here in the Ontario finish with Sabbia decoration, on a Flat frame.