Findomestic Banca recently renovated this structure, giving it the new name Le Cupole and adapting to the precepts of Green Building, providing the territory and the employees of the bank a professional context in perfect harmony with the environment.

The project, with aspects of sustainability handled by the LEED AP Mario Pinoli and his team in Greenwich, is registered for prestigious LEED certification (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), with the aim of reaching the Gold level. The project stands out for its environmental focus in all its phases.

The building aims to ensure maximum respect for the surrounding environment through the use of the latest generation of cooling systems, which use no gases harmful to the ozone layer, thus limiting global warming.

The project also attempts to achieve the highest levels of health and wellbeing of the interiors, thanks to careful planning of ventilation flow, careful protection of ventilation systems during the construction period and the use of building materials with very low levels of volatile organic compounds emissions.

The project also covers the matter of paints, whose impact on nature and health is just as important as their aesthetic virtues, natural and artificial light – the latter produced only by LEDs – irrigation of green areas, thanks to soil moisture sensors to manage rainwater, and the complete ecosustainable profile of the building.