Relying on 30 years of experience in the bathroom design sector, Fiora has always been able to innovate without losing sight of functional and practical needs. This leading Spanish company concentrates on the Elax collection of shower trays, a product family that has brought the firm wide recognition, making it unique on its target market, and on the Skin Panels, used to update existing spaces or to cover new walls.


Research conducted by Fiora has led to Elax, made with the finest materials, in total respect for the environment. A revolutionary product in the bathroom world: the first shower tray that adapts to any architectural space, even curved or irregular, thanks to its flexible and malleable character.

Cut with a utility knife, it can be rolled up for easy transport. It stands up to impact and has class 2 certification for protection against slipping. The coordinated drain channel comes in all the textures and colors of the Fiora range.


The decorative Skin Panels are designed to renew existing spaces – placed over old tiles – or to cover new walls. All without masonry work: the units are installed on the wall with adhesive matched to the panel color, and the pieces fit together with a simple click.

For an enveloping shower space, the new Skin Panel collection comes in the Saco finish, which imitates the natural texture of burlap. Users can customize the panels by cutting them to size, making them suitable to cover areas such as columns, windows or particular angles.

The panels make it possible to quickly refurbish a bathtub or shower zone, and can be coordinated with the Fiora shower trays for a total look in the wellness space.