The design company, long a client of Intesa Sanpaolo, appears as a testimonial in the new advertisement of this leading Italian bank. Flexform’s decision to take part in this initiative has the purpose of supporting the activity of the many clients who believe in the brand. The ad focuses on the dialogue between the bank and business, applying the slogan “a possible world” to describe a world where businesses, in an imperfect context, can find an important reference point in Intesa Sanpaolo. Matteo Galimbertiis the personality chosen to represent Flexform. He interacts in a gag with Claudio Bisio, the testimonial for Intesa Sanpaolo. The well-known comic, in the guise of a reporter in search of “impossible stories,” is countered by Matteo Galimberti who thanks to the help of the bank can narrate the success story of Flexform. Intesa Sanpaolo chose Flexform for its business values and dynamism.