The original and futuristic vision of Ora-ïto reinterprets the design horizons of the contemporary kitchen. The designer, who was one of the first to approach the context of the component kitchen, has applied his own very personal touch to the world of values of Scavolini, in a detailed project that blends his creativity with the extensive experience of the Italian brand.

The new proposal, with its cosmopolitan spirit, reflects the strategic outlook of Scavolini, which with an eye on increased internationalization has decided in recent years to work with outstanding names on the world design scene, generating original projects Made in Italy.

Ready for full personalization, Foodshelf by Ora-ïto is based on a reinterpretation of the relationship between the kitchen and the living area. The particular feature is the new take on the functions of the living area, which in Ora-ïto’s design are also extended to the kitchen.

With this project the living area enters the kitchen and alters it with compositional schemes, relationships between full and open zones, and the dynamic approach typical of the new image of domestic life, in a truly unique example of typological convergence.

This happens through the fragmentation of the doors, especially those of the hanging cabinets, but also those of the bases. The new open compartments are also innovative, available in different colors, for free combinations with the divider elements with their T, U and L shapes. This makes it possible to get beyond customary configurations, “breaking down” these elements and abandoning the typical vertical approach in the kitchen.

Foodshelf thus gives rise to a “new horizontal, linear arrangement” paced by a series of wood-effect shelves that cross the length of the space, taking on different functions along the way: besides the worktop, the band positioned below the bases and those inserted on the hanging cabinets function as shelves and/or as open compartments.