After having built the Save the Children and Colombia pavilions, the Friuli-based company Legnolandia continues its role as a protagonist of Expo 2015 with the Taiwan pavilion, an exhibition space that has found a home in the central Piazza Santo Stefano in Milan. Thanks to the initiative Taiwan to Go, inside you will discover the flavors of Taiwan’s gastronomical culture, little known in Italy, which ran the risk of being excluded from the Expo.

The pavilion has been designed by the young architects Andrea Vercellotti and Tsung-yen Hsieh and is made of glass and silver fir wood from the Friulian Dolomites, a material selected for all the bioconstructions of Legnolandia for its workability, flexibility and natural beauty.

Fir is also the same wood found in the traditional architecture of Taiwan, on which the installation at Piazza Santo Stefano is based: gentle, curved lines, panels and sunscreens in fir to protect the facade, avoiding overheating , functioning as a filter between interior and exterior, welcoming visitors to discover the exhibition.

Legnolandia has participated in this project with enthusiasm, because it fully reflects the company’s philosophy, namely to put maximum emphasis on the theme of ecosustainability and the use of wood, especially certified silver fir from the forests of Friuli Venezia Giulia, and a few other 100% recyclable materials from renewable sources.

One particular characteristic of the structure is its “dry” construction, i.e. a total absence of water and concrete. In fact, it is composed exclusively of elements for easy disassembly and reassembly, using glass and laminated wood which, at the end of the event, can be reused for other purposes.