For the fascinating Turkish boutique hotel HSVHN Hotel Hisvahan, the multidisciplinary studio GeoID behind the design has chosen the emotional light of Plass by Foscarini, designed by Luca Nichetto.

The lamp, a precious pearl of large size that interprets the crafts tradition of glass through a material and a contemporary process – that of rotomolded transparent polycarbonate – has been harmoniously inserted in the internal courtyard, amidst objects in bronze and stone, jewelry, fine ceramics, coins, glass objects, mosaics and statues, bearing witness to the art and culture of Gaziantep.

Every detail of the design of the boutique hotel enhances the original style and character of the structure, previously a gathering place and market, offering a modern interpretation of an ancient culture with roots in the age-old history of the Ottoman tradition.

All the furnishings, with the exception of the lights by Foscarini, have been designed by GeoID and made to measure.