2000 square meters of area, 1600 hours for the drawings. 280 hours for the design. 12,000 hours for the installation. 14,000 mosaic sheets. These are the incredible numbers racked up by Friul Mosaic for the creation of a grand achievement. The company was selected to create the mosaics of the great dome of the Santuario Nacional Nossa Senhora de Conceiçao Aparecida in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

With over 18,000 sq meters of indoor area, the Aparecida is the world’s largest Marian sanctuary, ready to welcome up to 70,000 worshippers. The shrine is the site of the annual synod of Brazilian bishops, and a meeting place for all the churches of South America. It has welcomed the pope three times.

The project by Friul Mosaic involved the dome, covered with mosaics in enamel and gold (rigorously made in Italy, supplied by the Orsoni company of Venice) that interpret the works of the Brazilian artist Claudio Pastro. The Aparecida mosaic required the continuous work, since 2012, of eight specialized craftsmen.

“The Brazilian project was the result of dedication, determination and great commitment on our part to keep the standards of excellence that set us apart on a constantly high level,” says Barbara Bertoia, CEO of the company. “The sanctuary of the Aparecida represents an important icon for all of Catholic South America, and thanks to us it will be a symbol of the quality of Made in Italy as well.”