L’ambiente wellness progettato da Alessandro La Spada presenta il Fusion Wow di Antolini in tutta la sua versatilità

The wellness space designed by Alessandro La Spada presents Fusion Wow by Antolini in all its versatility


The beauty of nature expresses its mutable essence, transforming into stone, then into water. In the wellness space created by the designer Alessandro La Spada sinuous lines, reflections, games of mirrors and soft forms suggest vintage eclecticism with a clear Nordic tone.

Composed of a spa and an indoor pool, the space conveys the forceful personality of Fusion Wow by Antolini, applied with different treatments that bring out the versatility of the colors and grain.

The spa features welcoming compact blocks of “Multicolor” Fusion Wow to suggest the power and energy of the earth; the vertical walls have geometric and balanced openings for light to enhance the surface, adding a sense of dynamism.

A graffiti texture in “Dark” Fusion Wow brings an even more vivid tactile effect to the back wall, creating a strong contrast with the glossy floor in “Light” Fusion Wow, also under the water of the pool, creating a magical effect of reverberation that spreads throughout the entire space.