Picking up on the Italian tradition of inhabited bridges, architect and designer Gaetano Pesce presents a project for a ‘visitable’ bridge crossed at high speed only by trains.

The pylons are structural, but also contain recreational and service functions. Each pylon represents one of the regions of Italy.

Pesce outlines the project as follows.

  1. An S-shaped bridge to reduce speed and to stand for Sicily.
  2. 20 pylons, one for each Italian region.
  3. The pylons contain exhibition spaces and parking facilities.
  4. Each pylon represents a region, its culture, its traditions, art and products.
  5. The cost of each pylon is paid by one region.
  6. Each pylon is designed by an architect from its sponsor region.
  7. Visiting the bridge is like a mini-visit to Italy. The work can attract visitors from all over the world, leading to economic benefits.
  8. The bridge is a tool of promotion of the image of Italy.
  9. The pylons contain hotels, hostels, restaurants and infrastructure.
  10. Jobs lost due to the stoppage of ferries on the Strait are replaced by jobs involving the operation of the bridge.