To expand a house from the early 1900s at Vigneux de Bretagne, with solid granite walls typical of the region, the architect Tristan Brisard has decided to create an aesthetically independent  volume for the living area, based on the archetypal forms of the house.

The result is a sort of essential, minimal winter garden made entirely with the standards of bioconstruction.

The first goal was to reduce environmental impact in terms of CO2 emissions, energy consumption and use of raw materials, opting for a construction entirely in wood.

The beams in untreated solid chestnut set the rhythm of the essential forms of the rooms. The walls and skeleton are in Finnish red spruce, with natural wood fiber insulation, while the furnishings in perfect Nordic style are also in wood.

The result is a high level of residential comfort.

The objective of sustainability has also been achieved thanks to a pellet stove, chosen as a more economical and ecological alternative to heating oil or methane.

The owners Julien and Fanny Guérin chose the Thema stove by MCZ.

This small forced ventilation stove, just 80 centimeters high, can easily heat the entire space (over 70 square meters), keeping a constant temperature of 20°C throughout the day, and 18° at night, with limited consumption (less than one ton of pellets for the whole winter).