Ora Ito has designed the new offices of the media division of LVMH, containing Le Parisien and Les Echos in Paris. A very luminous pavilion on four levels, connected by a breathtaking staircase.

“I wanted the staircase to be the fulcrum of the building: a structure that ripples in space, shaping it, giving it character. A giant chimera, half whale, half serpent, that captures you, swallows you and spits you out on the right floor,” the designer says.

A parametric sculpture, captivating with its biomorphic structure, like a tornado that invades a peaceful work environment.

“The staircase goes beyond architecture. The offices are minimalist, functional, without decoration. The elegant details are discreet. The only surprise of high visual impact is this enormous body that rises through the building and lends itself to various functions: reception, divider partitions, dining hall, walls of the auditorium,” Ora Ito explains.

Ora Ito has also designed the community areas of the entire real estate project of 10 Grenelle, with an area of over 30,000 square meters.

Photos by We Are Content(s).