Casa PLS house is a project by Corde Architetti Associati in the Friuli countryside, where the relationship between technique, form and function has the purpose of setting new standards for building, redefining existing and primitive forms in a contemporary way.

On a square lot, an energy class A house has been built with lamellar wood on a platform of reinforced concrete. The wooden building does reveal the true nature of its construction.

The layout is simple: a protected nighttime area to the north, and a living area open to the garden, facing south. The rooms are arranged according to the orientation of the lot.

To the east the kitchen is flooded with light in the morning; to the south and west the light at sunset, filtered by the countryside, enters the living area; all in a continuum of spaces connected to the attic by a spiral staircase in concrete by Rizzi Scale, which with its particular shape creates a fluid connection between the two living environments, between the public dimension of the ground floor and more private atmosphere of the first floor.

The self-supporting staircase (diameter 200 cm, with plasterboard parapet) is the protagonist of the setting. Completely white with wooden steps to match the floor, it is a sinuous architectural feature, also visible from the outside thanks to the large windows.

Photovoltaic, solar thermal, heat storage, heat pump, fireplace, water recovery, controlled mechanical ventilation: a combination of elements reduces the energy balance to a few percentage points with respect to the outside environment.

The heat requirements are supplied by floor-based heating and a ducted air system for conditioning, which near the structural facade reduces the flow of heat towards the interior.

The glass facade, like the window and door frames, is made with double chamber glass with gas inside, bringing the UG value of the glass to 0.5. The structure is faced with plaster fiber panels, and the floors are made with locally procured planks (the largest measures 30 x 350 cm) in chestnut wood, from the nearby forests of Cison di Valmarino.