The year 2016 was a positive one for Gruppo Snaidero (composed of the brands Snaidero, Arthur Bonnet, Comera, Rational and Regina), reaching a level of 126.6 million euros, for growth of 8%.

The Snaidero brand leads the way, with +17.7% in overall sales, including +6.2% on the domestic market and a true exploit of +34.3% on international markets, bearing witness to the export prowess of the historic kitchen brand.


The growth plan that began in 2015 with the splitting off of the Franchising group, and continued in 2016 with major investments in technology, industrial processes and sales, has led to very positive results. Today’s market requires a high level of production customization: special workmanship, tailor-made items and original designs are the order of the day for Snaidero, a company with strong industrial integration (entirely produced in Italy, in a plant of 112,000 m2) and operating in both B2C and B2B, with a special Contract division.

The response has been extensive industrial investment to meet the demand for custom pieces, both for big volumes and individual orders.

A real revolution that guarantees maximum flexibility and high precision thanks to one of the most advanced production plants in Europe, capable of supplying special sizes on a par with normal pieces, while finishing doors with laser borders.


The investments have also had an impact on the sales organization.

In 2016 the distribution network was very active, opening new showrooms in Italy and abroad (450,000 in 86 countries). The positive international growth trend, with an increase of 34.3% over 2015, reflects the brand’s approach of developing foreign markets, both traditional ones and emerging ones, with new partnerships. Offices have recently been opened in Madagascar, South Africa, Kenya and India.