Bosa and Disney celebrate 90 years of Mickey Mouse

Bosa and Disney celebrate 90 years of Mickey Mouse


The Mickey Mouse style gets updated thanks to the creativity of Elena Salmistraro and the production prowess of Bosa. This special project organized to celebrate the 90th birthday of the True Original narrates his youthful energy and makes him the protagonist of the collaboration, precisely because Mickey has contributed to create a world we still dream about today.

For this important limited edition, Disney has chosen Bosa for its expertise in fine craftsmanship, and for the fantastic language of its collections: a unique expressive force that the company has constructed through continuous experimentation and collaboration with the most promising design talents.

Among the Bosa designers, Elena Salmistraro – who has worked with the firm for several years, creating some of its bestsellers – has interpreted the spirit of cheerful vitality of Mickey Mouse.

Elena Salmistraro imagines Mickey with shorts decorated with street art motifs, wearing a leather jacket and shoes with studs: a game of colors and contrasts, refined glossy-matte effects and three-dimensional textures.

Ph. by Alberto Parise