For the overall renovation of the interiors of the city hall of Almere, Holland, the architecture studio Fokkema & Partners has chosen HI-MACS® acrylic stone. The goal was to bring out the original characteristics of the building while at the same time creating an internal space with a unique, original image.

Prior to the project the city hall of Almere was a dark building, and its structure in concrete, like the height and the gilded elements built into the columns, were not visually exploited. The architects decided to entirely revise the structure, to bring to light and emphasize its main, distinctive characteristics.

Thanks to the new arrangement of the ground level, access is provided directly to public services from the main entrance, with service booths, consulting rooms and waiting areas all organized in a single open space that is particularly luminous, making good use of every square centimeter of space.

To achieve high levels of durability and beauty, the choice has gone to HI-MACS®, the new generation of acrylic stone.

The characteristics of this material, combined with the ability and efficiency of the contractor Van der Plas Meubel & Project, meet the requirements of the project and make the city hall a pleasant facility for both staff and visitors.