In an exclusive project for the Horti real estate initiative, Michele De Lucchi rethinks one of the Ernestomeda kitchen models

Michele De Lucchi reinterprets one of the most successful Ernestomeda models in a capsule limited edition created for the Horti residences units in Milan.

The partner in this real estate initiative is Milano Contract District, which has foreseen the demand for exclusive luxury in the high-end residences of Horti, responding to the requests of the client BNP Paribas RE with a kitchen model produced by Ernestomeda and reinterpreted for the occasion by the designer of the entire real estate operation: the architect Michele De Lucchi.

The kitchen model stands out for its versatile design that generates a contemporary setting, made with unusual material solutions for various grades of tactile perception. Subtle contrasts of form and color bring sophistication to the warm, welcoming space. The dual volumes and alternation of glossy and matte colors make the model fluid and dynamic.

The design by Michele De Lucchi gives the kitchen a new look thanks to the use of bas-relief wood. The rhythm of the panel surface is dictated by a pattern of regular slats. The production technologies of Ernestomeda and the choice of European ash wood, one of the best varieties for numerically controlled milling, make it possible to experiment with a new architectural skin that reformulates the kitchen as an object of aesthetic and symbolic value.

The three-dimensional design of the surface has been inspired by the sketches and sculptures of the Cataste series by Michele De Lucchi, with their archetypal and evocative forms.

At the center of the kitchen program on view on the second floor of the Casello at Via Orti 25 there is an elegant island featuring wooden doors designed by De Lucchi, framed by a top in Breccia Imperiale granite. The wall composition stands out for bases and columns in Moka painted wood, a top and back in Stone+ Cocoa Velour, and the InLine hanging cabinet in reflecting glass with matte Moka lacquered frame. The living area has wall paneling, suspended cabinets and shelves in Vaio matte gray lacquer.