he students of the Master in Italian Product Design and Home Luxury Collection Design course of Istituto Marangoni have developed projects on a very timely theme in a year devoted to an important international event like Expo: hospitality.

The objective of the Master in Italian Product Design was to design seating capable of conveying a sensation of privacy and intimacy in high-traffic public spaces. Various proposals were made by the students, guided by the Art Director of the School of Design, Giulio Cappellini.

Nuvola by Sofia Bonvicini is a modular seat designed to wrap the user thanks to a strong, light structure in aluminium tubing with a comfortable double fabric cover.

Koji, the project by the young designer Ai Xin, imagines a system of enveloping armchairs with a useful top for objects, while The Hive by Maria Aramburu Mulas is inspired by the cells of a beehive.

Stimuli from the natural landscape are applied by Aiste Stragyte for Flux, composed of accessorized panels capable of hosting different elements to use as seats, lounge chairs or tables, depending on the situation.

The concept of Moment, designed by Chia Yin Tu, is summed up in the iconic, reassuring form of an eggshell, to offer greater privacy. Noom, finally, the project by Tann Kamthornthip, is an armchair with mobile external parts so it can raise or lower, with the aim of offering greater privacy for the user.

The students of Home Luxury Collection Design had the task of thinking of the interior of an airport lounge, focusing on aesthetic innovation.

The Fluid Shelter project by the students Erica Giacomelli, Javier Velo and Kirill Ivko develops around the idea of offering refuge and protection in a public space, applying the organic, fluid forms of nature. A space conceived for personalization, depending on the location of the airport, imagining different atmospheres based on the context.


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Flux by Aiste Stragyte
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The Hive by Maria Aramburu Mulas
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Koji by Ai Xin