In his work as an interior designer the architect Carlo Rampazzi has often been asked to redesign the interiors of high-end hotels.

Luxury facilities like the Eden Roc of Ascona, the Carlton St. Moritz, the Tschuggen at Arosa, Bülow Palais in Dresden, are just a few examples of his unique, personal style.

His rooms have a concept that is just the opposite of the normal approach to hotels all over the world. Usually designers attempt to create an atmosphere in hotel rooms that is as close as possible to that of a private residence, with references to the schemes of life typical of the majority of guests.

Rampazzi, on the other hand, interprets spaces as the site of dreams, where travelers can enter and have the experience of being on a voyage.

Rampazzi plays with colors and materials to place guests in front of something unexpected, a dream, a vortex of new and positive emotions; the word ‘normal’ no longer exists, and time is no longer connected to the frantic pace of everyday life.

“I don’t agree with the idea that you should feel right at home in a hotel. If I want to feel at home, why should I travel?” Carlo Rampazzi says. “You need to make clients want to repeat the experience: when they return home it should not be with a sense of relief, but with a sense of loss, the desire to return to the place they just left, again and again.”

Photos by Frederic Ducout.